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April 12, 2012
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Prince Zuko by YoriNarpati Prince Zuko by YoriNarpati

My favorite angsty Fire Prince, the one and only Zuko! :la:

Even after all these years, I still love him. :heart:
A little contribution to the already huge fandom of Avatar here on DeviantART.

I've been seeing a lot of fantastic fan art of Mako lately, I just feel bad that everyone's seemed to have forgotten of Zuko. :(
A few days ago I re-watched the finale of Avatar : The Last Airbender, and I just had to redraw him. I've done a lot of Zuko art before, but none have satisfied me. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out, especially the flames and his face.

I hope you'll like it! Comments and faves are very much appreciated! :heart:

Zuko from Avatar : The Last Airbender
Art *YoriNarpati

Tools : Adobe Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos 4
Time : 3.5 hours more or less
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This is one badass piece. You've created a beautiful, outstanding work of art that captures the expression, personality and essence of Zuko perfectly.

Your use of colours that represent who Zuko is, where he comes from and his passion is wonderful. The colouring of the flames, the swords, his hair, it all works brilliantly and I can gladly say this is one of my most favourite pieces of art I've seen.

The amount of detail put into his scar, his hair, his frame, just this whole piece is astonishing. It shows that this would have had so much effort and heart put into it.

One thing I would like to point out to you is that where his jaw joins to his ear is a little too sharp, and could be a little more rounded, and that the colouring under the chin makes it a little harder to define the neck. Other than that, there is nothing I can comment on as this piece is spot on incredible.
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First let me start off by saying this piece is amazing; please make more ATLA fanart!

I really love a lot about this piece. First of all, as a deviant said before me in a separate critique, you have managed to capture the essence of who Zuko is, his personality, where he comes from and what he stands for - all in one image. I wouldn't have thought it was possible, and I'm sure it was no easy feat. You clearly put a lot of work into this. It's truly a work of art. That you managed to express Zuko - who he is, everything - so well in an image is my favorite part of this piece.

Next let's move on to his figure. I like how he seems to be in motion, like any second now he's going to spin and lash out with his dao blades. You've got the movement down really well. It doesn't feel like a picture; you've brought it to life. His pose is perfect, and accurate for the motions he's going through. With that said, there are some problems with his features, which is why I didn't give you a perfect 5 (but it is very close). The number one problem here is his arms. His right arm seems to have been a problem for you, and I don't blame you, because the lighting of the piece would have made it more difficult to depict accurately. The shading and the position of his muscles make his arm seem disfigured, elongated and awkward. As for the other arm, the shading could be a tad smoother, and his wrist is bent at an awkward angle - both of which can be easily ignored simply because of the sheer awesomeness of this piece.

The rest of his physical features seem to be pretty spot on. I absolutely LOVE the detail you've put into his face, especially his scar. His hands are well done. His hair, eyebrow, eyes, scar and mouth are perfect. His jaw seems a bit too sharply defined, and his neck is a bit too thick, but those are only slight errors and the only ones I can see. I also love his expression; it makes you hope he isn't looking at you like that. His fierce and determined expression is an excellent indicator of who he is and this compliments the piece perfectly.

The lighting of this piece is absolutely wonderful. I love how Zuko's fire circling around the blades is the source of light, and how he's therefore lit from both his front and backside without the lighting being overpowering. It adds to the overall feel of the picture. I love the style you've depicted this in, as well as your use of color.

Your attention to detail, ability to express movement and emotion in a still image and your dedication to your work have really paid off in this beautiful piece. (Again, please make more Avatar art. :))
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gunswordfist Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Very cool.
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OMG it's Zuko! i *LOVE Zuko! Nice art going on here!
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amazing picture
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I love your work. He's so sexy with those broadswords and the fire. He looks like a warrior. <3
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:squee: this is amazing!
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This is absolutely breathtaking! :wow: Wow! Just wow... I love everything about this!
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